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Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership was originally formed by Ford Motor Company and General Motors in 1995. The partnership was formed to pursue pre-competitive Active Safety research to improve real-world safety. CAMP LLC provides a framework for pre-competitive crash-avoidance research. Ford Motor Company and General Motors collaborate with other leading automotive companies on safety research projects.

Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC (CAMP LLC) was founded in 2013 and continues to be managed by Ford Motor Company and General Motors to:

  • Define and develop pre-competitive elements of automotive crash avoidance countermeasures, accelerating implementation to improve traffic safety.
  • Establish the analytical methods, performance metrics, test procedures, databases, functional definitions, and minimum performance specifications necessary to support the effective implementation of specific countermeasures. Facilitate the development of industry consensus on these items.
  • Collaborate in cooperative research with the Federal Highway Association (FHWA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • Collaborate with Academic Institutions, State-level Government entities and other Industry partners in pre-competitive collaborative research.

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Project History

CAMP has facilitated research projects since 1996, mostly conducted under Cooperative Agreements with the FHWA and NHTSA. CAMP projects typically include other automakers, suppliers, consultants, and academic institutions. Under the current CAMP FHWA Cooperative Agreement, recent projects include the Traffic Optimization for Signalized Corridors (TOSCo), Cooperative Automated Driving Systems (CADS) and the Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Safety Applications (V2I-SA) Projects. Under the Current CAMP NHTSA Cooperative Agreement, recent projects include the Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Research Phase 2 (V2V-CR2) and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Systems Engineering (V2V-SE) Projects and several connected vehicle security-related projects.

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