Meet the Leaders

Scott Geisler

Scott Geisler, CAMP LLC Chairman, General Motors

  • Scott Geisler joined General Motors in 1980. He served multiple positions in Sales/Service prior to joining Product Development in 1994.
  • As part of Product Development, Mr. Geisler has supported multiple-vehicle programs, with an emphasis on Driver Distraction and Active Safety
  • Mr. Geisler has served as GM's manager for CAMP since 2009, becoming Chairman in 2011.
  • Mr. Geisler holds several US patents and has published a number of technical papers.

Dr. Michael Shulman

Michael Shulman, CAMP LLC Treasurer, Ford Motor Company

  • Dr. Michael Shulman joined the Ford Motor Company in July 1976. During his career, he has held a number of positions in Ford Motor Company, including Department Manager in the Ford Electronics Division.
  • In 1995, Dr. Shulman co-founded the Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership as a mechanism to conduct pre-competitive Active Safety research with OEMs, suppliers, and the United States Department of Transportation.
  • In 2007, he was awarded the SAE Delco Intelligent Transportation Systems Award for his program leadership and technical accomplishments at CAMP LLC.
  • Dr. Shulman currently serves as the Program Manager of Connected Vehicle Research at CAMP LLC. He is currently managing projects under both and NHTSA and FHWA Cooperative Agreements.