Stakeholder Engagement

Project Name: Stakeholder Engagement
Project Team: Vehicle-to-Infrastructure 5 (V2I-5) Consortium
Sponsor(s): FHWA

SAE J2735 MAP message specifies the content and format of the geometric intersection description broadcast by a Connected Intersection for Infrastructure to Vehicle (I2V) communications. These messages support in-vehicle safety and mobility applications such as Basic Red Light Violation Warning (RLVW). Basic RLVW operates within the Yellow Phase time interval of a through movement. The ITE CI Guidelines and CVPFS MAP Guidance document specifies desired common practices for these MAP messages.

The purpose of these assessment procedures by the CAMP V2I-5 Consortium is to verify that:

  1. The MAP message and position correction data broadcast by a CI can be successfully utilized by an equipped vehicle – positioning itself in the correct approach lane to operate in-vehicle applications, such as Basic RLVW, including utilizing the correct Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) data for the actual lane of travel.
  2. The duration of the Yellow Phase predicted by the Traffic Signal Controller (TSC) and contained in the SPaT message at the transition from Green to Yellow is accurate and that the broadcast of this information by the Roadside Unit (RSU) maintains a stable periodicity.
Publications: CI Performance Assessment

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