Vehicle-to-Vehicle Safety Pilot Project (V2V-SP)

Status Indicator:
PAST Project

Project Name: Vehicle-to-Vehicle Safety Pilot Project (V2V-SP)
Project Team: Vehicle Safety Communications 3 (VSC3) Consortium
Timeframe: September 2010 – March 2013
Sponsor(s): FHWA
Synopsis: The Safety Pilot Project was a successful program that conducted six, safe and effective research driver clinics of the V2V safety system. The Project represented the first large-scale test evaluation of V2V technologies, both by providing first-hand experience to a large number of naïve participants and by conducting system performance testing of the technology repeatedly across diverse regions of the country in six different performance testing routes. Overall, more than 700 participants (including pilot participants) experienced the V2V safety technologies across 10 safety scenarios with more than 7,000 warnings issued without a single adverse event.
Publications: Accessible publications are not available at this time.

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